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Fuel Capacity

A - Total
B - By tank
A- 256.8
1&3 - 40.5 ea (81.0)
2 - 64.0 (Total Mains = 145.0)
UA - 87.1 (AUX = 98.1)
LA - 11.0 (TAIL = 13.1)
TAIL - 13.1
DUMP switch (red guarded)
1 dumps to FMA entered value @ 5800 ppm
2 shuts off dump / cancels FMS dump shutoff
3 dumps to min dump level (11.5/main tank)
4 Stops dump
DUMP switch controls what valves?
1 - Fill Valves and Fill ISOL Valves- CLOSE (xcpt Upper Aux)
2 - Uppr Aux Fill Valve - OPENS
3 - ALL Boost and XFER Pumps - ON (xcpt Tail Alt Pump
4 - Crossfeed Valves - OPEN
5 - L/R DUMP Valves - OPEN
Fuel SYSTEM switch

Cycles between two auto controllers

both lights - system fault (in manual)
Manual - system selected to Manual mode
Selecting MANUAL on Fuel SYSTEM switch does what?
1,2,3 Boost Pumps - ON
All Aux Xfer and tail Xfer pumps - ON
Tank 2 Xfer and Fill valves remain in Last position
Tank 1/3 xfer, Tail Alt pump, & All crossfeeds - OFF
MANF DRAIN switch (red guard)

Manual only

drains fuel manifold fuel into Tank 2 (about 400 lbs). Tank 2 <1800 lbs
ALT PUMP switch

Turns on tail tank alt pump (manual mode)

ON - xfers fuel from tail to ENGINE 2
LOW - pressure low or tank empty
__ PUMPS switch(es) 1,2,3

Turns on/off ALL Boost pumps for respective tank (manual)
Tanks 1&3 - Fwd and Aft
Tank 2 - Fwd, L&R AFT

LOW - Low pressure with all pumps commanded on
OFF - 1&3 Auto mode - pumps are OFF due to suction feed
- 2 - no pumps commanded ON
TRANS switch(es)

turns respective xfer pump ON (manual mode)
Provides fuel to manifold

ON - Pumps commanded ON
LOW - Low pump pressure when pump commanded On
FILL switch(es)

switch opens fill valve (manual mode)

ARM - Fill valve armed to accept xferred fuel
Tank 2 stays armed w/any Uppr Aux tank pump ON
Tanks 1/3 remain armed if Tank 2 >40,000 lbs (<40.0
must HOLD)

FILL - Fill valve open and accepting fuel
Describe normal fuel scheduling
1 - LWR AUX to UPPR AUX to 1/2/3 TANKS to respective ENG

2 - when AUX(s) empty - TANK 2 to TANKS 1/3 until equal (about 40.5) to respective ENG

3 - TANKS 1/3 <11,500 - Tip fuel xfers inboard
Tail Fuel Management

A - Target
B - when active
C - Begins when
D - How
A- fuel moves fwd/aft to maintain target CG (2% fwd of max aft)

B- >60,000 lbs at end of fueling and FSC in AUTO

C- Starts during climb, (gear and flaps up)

D- moves fuel AFT from MAINS and AUX, moves fuel forward to UPPR AUX
Tail Fuel Management ends when...
<51,000 lbs onboard
26,750 feet on descent
19,750 in descent (hard)
11,500 in any tank
3 deg within fuel freeze temp in tail
Tail TRANS switch

ON - Tail XFER pumps ON, opens UPPR AUX Fill valve (manual)

LOW - Low pressure or tank empty
Cold Fuel Recirculation

A- Tail
B - Wings
A - 8/5/3, within 8 deg of feezing circulates fuel IN tank, within 5 send 1/3 fwd then back, within 3 tail fuel mgmt terminates

B - 6/15 within 6 deg 1&3 circulate until temp rises 5 deg or 15 mins elapse. If 15 mins are first, then "FUEL TEMP LO"