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The current focus of Health Service Support (HSS) emphasizes on?
The provision of far-forward, mobile, medical, and surgical support and stabilization and rapid evacuation of casualties wha are unable to return to duty.
HSS principles are guidlines for?
1. Planning
2. organizing
3. Managing
4. and executing service suport
Wellness requires continuous attention when?
before, during, and after deployment
The major components of casualty care and management are?
1. First response
2. prehospitalization treatment
3. forward resuscitative surgery
4. tailorable hospital care
5. enroute care
Medical plans must include which following functions into the HSS concept of operations?
1. Health Maintenence
2. Casualty Collection
3. Casualty Treatment
4. Temporary Casualty Holding
5. Casualty Evacuation
The Geneva convention was established when? and waht year were additional protocols accepted to the GC?
1949 and 1977
What establishment is a field production activity of the Defense Itelligence Agency?
Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center