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MCWP 4-11.1 Chapter Seven
1) Marine Corps Wartime Publication
2) Preventive Medicine
More injuries occur from disease than sustained injuries in combat? T or F
T: More die from disease
Pre-deployment responsibility
Collect and disseminate environmental and epidemiological information on theater of ops to supported commander, HSS, and MAGTF
Pre-deployment responsibility
Recommend immunizations and other prevmed measures to counter med threats within theater of ops and transit staging points
Pre-deployment responsibility
Training members on personal hygiene, protective measures and equipment, and field sanitation practices
Pre-deployment responsibility
Assisting units in completing pre-deployment requirements: immunizations, prevmed threat brief, permethrin clothing treatment, embarkation of prevmed equipment
Deployment responsibility
Disseminating prevmed info to commanders and HSS in theater of ops
Deployment responsibility
Technical oversight on food service ops
Deployment responsibility
Testing water points and bulk water storage areas
Deployment responsibility
Disease vector and pest surveillance and control
Deployment responsibility
Maintaining environmental health and pest control equip.
Deployment responsibility
Conducting weekly disease and injury at all battalions and squadrons
MEF Prev Med staff
Physician with expertise in prevmed and public health
Physician responsibilities
Coordinates prevmed efforts among division, wing, and FSSG
FSSGs prevmed support supplies info regarding enivornmental health factors on
1) demographics
2) living conditions
3) water supply
4) waste disposal
5) insects
6) diseases and vector issues
7) evaluate local food, sight and hearing conservation
Navy Environmental Health Center (NEHC) Located?
Norfolk VA
NEHC conducts?
1) risk screening
2) data evaluation
3) exposure assessment
4) toxicity assessment
5) health risk eval
6) health and safety plan
7) workshops and seminars
Navy Environmental Preventive Medicine Units provide?
Updated disease information on areas of the world or specific countries, public health and prevmed issues, occ health and safety support to military forces
Navy Disease Vector Ecology and Control Centers provide?
technical & specialized services in field of disease and vector surveillance and control w/ special emphasis on contingency response during armed conflicts
Forward Deployed Laboratory provides?
Quick identification of infectious and biologic threats