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MCWP 4-11.1 CH 8 covers what information ?
Patient Movement
When properly followed, what process ensures that patients move only as far rearward as their health dictates?
Medical Regulating Process
How many phases of pt movement are their ?
An effective process of casuality sorting, is also known as what ?
What is a vital support factor
Patient Movement
Who is in charge of the allocation of aircraft to preform the aeromedical evacuation ?
The MAGTF Commander
Name the phases of patient movement.
Evacuation & Medical Rgulating
What does LMCC stand for ?
Logistic Movement Coordination Center
Who is the direct link to the MAW for identification of medical evacuation missions in the air tasking order
LMCC air liaison
What is the process of selecting destination MTF's with the necessary HSS capabilities for patients being medically evacuated in, between, into, and out of different theaters ?
Medical Regulating
Name the two types of evacuation assets that the Marine Corps has ?
Dedicated Medical Evacuation Asset, Designated Medical Evacuation Asset
Aeromedical missions are normaly classified as what ?
Preplanned, Immediate