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DHCP redundancy - e.g. for two subnets, configure superscope on each server, containing scopes from each subnet, split according to which rule?
The 80/20 rule - with the 80% scope on the local DHCP server.
In a multi-domain environment, with a single ADI DNS server per domain, how can you ensure that there is no single point of failure?
Create a standard secondary zone in another domain to host a read-only version of the data.
Which of these cannot register its own A record in DNS?

Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Windows NT
You have two domains - a parent and child - with Enterprise Root and Sub CAs.You create a new child domain. What do you need to do to ensure you can issue certs in the new domain?
Make the CA a member of\Cert Publishers group
RRAS server - if you can't make a connection using PPP or if the server drops your connection, you should disable… what?
LCP extensions
NAT has a DNS Proxy setting that enables DHCP clients to direct DNS queries to the NAT server. The client DNS queries are then forwarded to the NAT server's configured DNS server. The DNS Proxy and the DNS Server service cannot coexist on the same host, if the host is using the same interface and IP address with the default settings. How can you work around this?
1. Install NAT and DNS on different servers.

2. Use the DHCP server Service in NAT, NOT the DHCP Allocator and DNS Proxy.

3. Set the DNS Server so it doesn't listen on the IP address of the NAT private interface
Which multicast range is reserved for local purposes and is not forwarded by multicast routers? is used to identify all multicast enabled hosts - ping and they all should respond.

Local admin scope is and is preferred for multicasts which shouldn't be forwarded outside the LAN.
Most secure authentication protocol that can be used by vanilla Win 95 and Win 98 clients?

(MS-CHAP v 2 only supported on updated clients)
Single DNS server with ADI zone also hosting GC causes errors logged with ID 4011. Solution?
Move GC to another server.
Your DNS server accepts dynamic updates from clients for PTR records on a private address range. The logs show errors relating to e.g. What is the cause, and what are the two ways to correct this?
The problem is that local hosts are trying to update a remote server on the correct reverse lookup zone.


create the correct reverse lookup zone on the DNS server and clients will update locally.

or (where the primary DNS server authoritative for the zone cannot or is configured not to accept dynamic reverse lookup registrations) configure the clients with the problem not to dynamically update PTR records. Find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\Tcpip\\Parameters and add a value DisableReverseAddressRegistrations
How do you configure a NAT server to forward PPTP traffic to a VPN server behind it?
You can't in Win 2K - you will need to make your NAT server your VPN server as well.
ICS and DNS cannot...
co-exist on a network.
Caching-only DNS servers are recommended for what kind of connection?
Slow - where slow = 128Kbps ISDN or less
DNS: Automatic zone transfer occurs during the following three scenarios:
When starting the DNS service on the secondary server for a zone.

When the refresh interval time expires for the zone. The default value of the refresh interval is 15 minutes.

When changes are made to the primary zone and a notify list is configured
An ADI Zone can only be hosted on which kind of computer?
Maximum No. of DNS primary zones per zone?
WINS Automatic Partner Configuration is recommended for what kind of situation?
Where you have a small number of WINS servers (typically three or fewer) on the reachable network.
Minimum version of IE for requesting Certs?