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How many interrupts (IRQs) does a PC have and how are they numbered?
16, numbered 0 through 15
What kind of number represents an I/O port?
DMA stands for what? and what do they do? How many does a PC have?
Direct Memory Access
Allows devices to access memory without going through the CPU.
8, numbered 0-7
The 3 Driver Signing Options are?
Ignore, warn, and block.
Explain each of the System File Checker (SFC) optional parameters.
/scannow - self-descriptive
/scanonce - at reboot
/scanboot - every time it boots
/cancel - self explanatory
/quiet - does not prompt user to replace files
/enable - turns on Windows File Protection
/purgecache - study this more
The command line for File Signature Verification untility is?
The process of integrating a service pack into a Windows 2000 distribution folder is called?
The two command lines for slipstreaming service pack W2KSP4.exe are?
W2KSP4.exe -x
Update.exe -s:f:\win2kdist, where Update.exe is found in the \i386\Update folder and win2kdist is the folder that holds the original distribution files.
The three main automated ways of deploying service packs into already installed OSs are?
1. Creating a software installation package in AD and,
2. Using SMS
3. Windows Update
SMS stands for what?
System Management Server
The following letters of a hotfix name signify what?
Q##### - number of article name.
XXX - OS, in this case, W2K
YYY - Service Pack the hotfix WILL be included in
ZZZ - The hardware platform, x86
LL - Language, En for English
The two ways to uninstall a service pack are?
1. Using Add/Remove.
2. Spuninst.exe
Describe "Per Server" and "Per seat" licensing.
Per Server: the server permits only as many simultaneious connections as it has licenses.
Per Seat: a client license allowing the client to connect to an unlimited number of servers.
How do you determine whether to use "per server" or "per seat" licensing?
If the number of concurrent connections for all of the servers is lower than the humber of clients, then use "per server" mode.
Where do you manage "per server" and "per seat" licenses?
"Per server" licenses are managed in the Control Center (Licensing tool), and "per seat" licenses are managed in Administrative Tools > Enterprise Licensing.
The name of the boot log file and its location?
What is "parallel installation"?
A second copy of the OS, installed into a different folder or partition, enabling you to select either one to start the computer for troubleshooting purposes.
Name as many tasks as you can that you can run in Recover Console.
Start and stop services.
Read and write data on local drive, including NTFS.
Format hard drives.
The command for installing Recovery Console.
\i386\Winnt32.exe /cmdcons
Is it the first or second "R" that you hit during the installation process to run Recovery Console off of the CD?
The first 'R'.
Recovery Console Commands:
Chdir(cd), Chkdsk, Copy, Delete(del), dir, disable <service>, enable <service>, fdisk (manages partitions), fixboot (writes new partition boot sector), format, help, listsvc (lists running services), logon, map, mkdir(md), rmdir(rd), rename(ren), systemroot (sets the current folder to the sytem root), type