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OSI refers to?
Open Systems Interconnection reference model.
What is a "redirectory"?
A file system driver which forward to file or print request to the appropriate network resource.
An Acrostic for the 7 OSI layers?
All People Seem To Need Data Processing.
Which of the 7 OSI layers correspond with the 4 layer Win 2000 Protocol Stack model?
Clients = Application, Presentation, and Session; Protocols = Transport and Network; and Netork Interfact Adapter Driver = Data-link and Physical
A service loads when?
During computer start-up and before a user logon.
Each letter of TCP/IP and UDP stands for what?
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and User Datagram Protocol
Name 5 examples of the Application Layer protocols of the TCP/IP stack.
FTP, Telnet, ping, tracert, and http
NetBEUI stands for?
NetBIOS Extended User Interface
IPX stands for?
Internetwork Packet Exchange
Four protocol stacks supporte by W2K are?
TCP, NetBEUI, AppleTalk and IPX
TDI stands for what and does what?
Transport Driver Interface, allowing multiple protocols to bind to a single NIC. It is located between the protocols and the APIs.
NDIS stands for what and does what?
Network Device Interface Specification and is the boundary layer between the protocols and the NICs.
What are the two modes for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)?
Author mode and user mode
What are the three user-mode types?
Full Access -
Limited Access, Multiple Windows
Limited Access, Single Window
Why can you not add snap-ins to the preconfigured MMCs in the Administrative Tools program group?
Because they are configured in User Mode.