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In the pulmonary exam, what are the main anatomical landmarks that you should notice in the anterior thorax?
• Sternum
• Xiphoid Process
• Costal Cartilages
• Paired Ribs
• Thoracic
What three anatomical "lines" are noticeable in the anterior thorax with the pulmonary exam?
Midsternal line

Midclavicular line

Anterior Axillary line
In the pulmonary exam, the axilla is broken into what?
Three lines: Anterior axillary line, midaxillary line, and posterior axillary line.
On the posterior thorax, in the pulmonary exam, what are the anatomical landmarks of note?
Scapular line, Vertebral line, C7
The right lung has how many lobes?
What are the three lobes broken up into?
Upper, Middle and Lower lobes
What are the two fissures called in the right lung?
Horizontal and Oblique
The horizontal lobe of the right lung divides the what?
The right upper lobe and the right middle lobe
The oblique lobe of the right lung divides what?
The right upper and middle lobe from the right lower lobe
The left lung has how many lobes?
Two - Upper and Lower