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What is statutory law?
Refers to the actual language of the leg. enactments and official interpretations rendered by courts.
What are administrative regulations?
Legislative bodies that have delegated some of their own laws to administrative agencies.
What is case law?
Refers to the binding principles and rules that originate from these case-by-case judicial decisions.
What is civil law?
essentially a private law, harmed individuals, companies, can sue other companies individuals to extract legal remedy.
What is criminal law?
The govt. prosecutes accused individuals on behalf of the public at large.
What is jurisdiction?
Jurisdiction is the heard of law itself, it is the authority to make and administer laws. rights, power and limits.
Federal Courts and State Courts?
Federal courts are authorized to resolve disputes that arise under Congress' laws.
Summary judgement?
Seeks to end the case all together.
Prelim Hearings and indictments?
Prelimb is a hearing to determine whether govt truly has enough evidence to warrant a trial. Indictment is a formal charge upon the defendant will go on trial.
Appelate Process?
Defendent or plaintiff may wish to appeal the result.
Writ of certiorari, MO, CO, and DO?
A formal order that the USSC decides to review case. Majority of the judges who considered the appeal. CO, agree with majority final disposition but not with majority reasoning. DO disagree all together.
Prior restraint?
Prohibits certain manuscripts or passages from being published at all, censorship.
John Meiklejohn?
Any speech relating to public affairs should recieve absolute protection under 1st amendment.
Gitlow v. NY
USSC interpreted meaning 1st amendment free speech guranteed had been incorporated to the states.
Skywalker V. Navarro?
warned the stores that it was explicit material and encouraged to remove from shelves. probable cause, illegal under florida law.