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Who was the father of the computer?
Charles Babbage created the first computer to conduct algebraic computations and used stored memory.
What was the first digital computer?
Colossus, developed by the British to break German secret codes using binary code.
Who was Paul Baran?
He produced the plan of a computer communication network..
What is VOIP?
Voice over Internet Protocol, voice emailing.
Who was Marshal McLuhan?
Global Village, Media as extensions of human bodies, The Gutenberg Galaxy, movies.
What did william Gibson write?
He wrote about a nationless world isnt about involving ourselves in one anothers lives and experiences. its about electronic technology turning us into nonindividuals.
What is a pseudo event and some examples?
A pseudo-event is an event staged specifically to attract public attention, Boston Tea Party, The Federalist Papers.
Who was the first president to use a press secratary?
Andrew Jackson.
What are the four stages in the history of PR and the major characteristics of the four stages?
Early PR - pseudo event, Propaganda-publicity stage - publicity bureau, Early two way comm., advanced... - federal regulation of lobbying act in 1946, PRSA.
What is Westinghouse Electrics?
The first corporate public relations department.
The Public Bureau?
The first publicity company.
What was the major thesis Ivy Lee proposed in his article?
PR practitioners should be providers of info not purveyors of publicity.
What is CPI?
Opinion leaders from around the country to advise the govt. on its PR efforts and help shape public opinion.
Edward Bernays
two-way communication
the principal professional group for today's PR pros.
Foreign Agents Registration Act in 1938?
required anyone who engages in political activities in the US on behalf of a foreign power to register as an agent of that power under the justice dept.
The Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act in 1946?
Requiring among other things, that those who deal with federal employees on behalf of private clients disclose those relationships.
Volney B. Palmer
Formed the first Advertising agency Boston, NY, Phili.
What was the first full service ad agency and what services did they provide?
N.W/ Ayer and Sons in 1869, provided ad campaign planning, ad creation, and placement in the most appropriate media.
When was the first radio ad broadcast and where?
1922 New York
What is an example of brand awareness ad?
Pepsodent yellow teeth?
What is a unigue selling proposition and example?
Highlight of a product that sets it apart from a competing product. Timex, Gillette.
The Ad Council and its mission?
To promote government programs, formed during WW2.
The Consumer Union and its publication Consumer Report?
founded in 1936 to protect people from manufacturers and advertisers.
What is AIDA approach?
to persuade consumers advertising must attract Attention, create Interest, stimulate Desire, and promote Action.
1914, monitoring and regulating advertising.
What is considered false advertising?
Lies outright, does not tell the whole truth, lies by implication using words, design etc. Wonder Bread.
What is the main proposition of agenda setting theory, and who is well known for this theory?
McCombs and Shaw.
Cultural definiton of Comm.
James Carey, symbolic process blah blah.
What is the two step flow theory and who?
Lazarfeld,people who consumed media content on topics with interest to them, interpreted their own values and beliefs.
Social Construction of Reality and who?
Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann, argues that people who share culture also share an ongoing correspondance of meaning.
what is cultivation analysis? and who?
Television cultivates or constructs a reality of the world that, is possibly inacurate, becomes accepted simply because we believe its true. Gerbner.
What are pirate radio broatcasters?
Illegally operated stations broadcastig to british audience from offshore or foreign facilities.
What are the double roles of VOA in history?
Cold War.
US leadership in global satellite was ensured when comsat was declared managing agent of Intelesat.
what does the western concept mean?
there is no completely free libertarian media system on earth, and even the most commercially driven systems include the expectation not only of public service and responsibility but also ...