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2 oppotunities for self-employment of asians
1. sell ethnic products
2. fill a niche in the community
womens right to vote
aug 6th 1920 19th amendment
asians in us today (#)
10-12 million, 4.3%
social construct
a social mechanism, phenomenom, or category created and developed by society
states taken from treaty of hidalgo
treaty of hidalgo
1848, marked the end of the war
us declares war with mexico
may 13th 1846
mexican miners tax
tax collectors took fees from mexican miners
ethnic enclave
"chinese ghettos": lived, worked, and found security from those outside of the community
chinese exclusion act
1882, first time an entire people were prohibited from entering the country
1924 immigration act
excluded asians, titled the "natural origins act"
margaret sanger book
"The Women Rebel" on womens sexuality
being free
1st wave of feminism
2nd wave of feminism
1970s-present day
3 qualities the social construct of beauty undermines
1. self image
2. self esteem
3. physical health
"model minority"
-based on myths
-has both positive and negative connotation
-do not occupy top tier positions
purpose of "the big six"
-helped new immigrants
-protection from outsiders
-lawyers and newspapers were used to fight discriminatory pratices
geographical location of most asians
mainly ca and hawaii
greaser act
those of indian or spanish blood who went armed and werent peaceful/quiet persons
how is hmong culture preserved?
through new years celebration and traditional weddings
who coined the phrase "birth control"
margaret sanger
# of mexicans repatriated under act in 1931
name of betty freidans book
"The Feminine Mystique" coined the lifestyle as a comfortable concentration camp
date of roe v. wade
jan 23, 1973
glass ceiling theory
an intangible barrier within the hierarchy of company that prevents women or minorities from obtaining upper level positions
civil rights act
banned discrimination on basis of race, color, religion, natural origin (july 2 1966)