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heat in lung (well)
Lu 2
descend lung qi
Lu 3
emotional lung issues
Lu 5
lung phlegm
Lu 6
descends lung qi, stops bleeding (cleft)
Lu 7
tonify lung qi, release exterior
Lu 9
lung yin, liver heat, more xu than xs
LI 4
disperses function of lungs, expel wind, release exterior, tonify qin
LI 6
opens lung (luo)
LI 11
clears heat, cools blood, regulates qi and blood
St 4
wind from face
St 6
St 8
wind, eyes, headaches, dizziness
St 12
send qi down
St 18
St 21
stomach and intestines
St 25
front mu of LI,
St 28
water way, LJ and bladder
St 29
womens stuff, benefits blood
St 30
essence, stomach qi
St 34
St 36
command abdomen
St 37
he sea of LI
St 38
shoulder pain
St 40
St 44
heat in stomach
Sp 1
uterine bleeding, breast abscess
Sp 3
strengthens spleen, resolves damp, regulates qi
Sp 4
vomiting, regulates chong
Sp 6
damp, strengthen spleen
Sp 8
dysmenorrhea xs type
Sp 9
damp, dispel wind/cold
Sp 10
tonify blood, itching
Sp 21
Ht 3
calm mind, heart heat
Ht 5
Ht 6
yin, night sweats
Ht 7
Ht 8
heart fire
Ht 9
heat, revival
SI 1
SI 3
wind, malaria, night sweating, ipilepsy, neck and back pain
SI 6
eyes, shoulder
SI 7
clear heat, release exterior, calm spirit
SI 19
UB 1
UB 11
point of bone, sea of blood,
UB 12
UB 13
lung shu
UB 15
heart shu
UB 17
UB 18
liver shu
UB 19
GB shu
UB 20
spleen shu
UB 21
stomach shu
UB 22
SJ shu, resolves damp
UB 23
kidney shu
UB 25
LI shu
UB 27
SI shu
UB 32
dysmenorrhea xs type
UB 39
lower sea of SJ
UB 40
command back, sinews, cools blood, clears summer heat and rash
UB 57
UB 58
luo - kidneys
UB 60
invigorates blood, strenghtens back, expels wind, clears heat
UB 67
turn the baby with moxa
Kd 1
tonify yin, clear heat
Kd 2
clear xu heat, cools blood
Kd 3
tonify kd qi, benefits essense, regulates uterus
Kd 6
kidney yin DRYNESS
Kd 7
regulates sweat, resolves damp in lower body, tonify kd yang
Kd 9
kd yin
Kd 10
kd yin
Pc 3
Pc 4
Pc 5
malaria, phlegm misting heart
Pc 6
liver qi stagnation, morning sickness, fullness in chest, chest pain
Pc 7
clear mind for women, h7 more for men
SJ 3
empirical pt for ears
SJ 4
clear heat, regulate stomach
SJ 5
wind, release exterior, dispel 6 pathogens
SJ 6
constipation empirical, regulates qi
SJ 17
ears and wind
SJ 21
ear from liver yang rising
GB 1
GB 2
wind, ears
GB 9
rising qi, wind, spasm
GB 20
wind, clear heat, brighten eyes and ears, subdues liver yang, clears brain
GB 21
relax sinews, promotes lactation and delivery
GB 24
front mu of GB
GB 26
regulates uterus
GB 30
sciatic, qi and blood
GB 31
GB 34
sinews, damp heat
GB 37
GB 39
marrow, group lou 3 leg yang
GB 40
liver qi
GB 41
damp heat, liver qi,
Lv 1
heat, regulates menstruation and liver qi
Lv 2
clears heat, cools blood
Lv 3
wind, liver yang, liver qi, tonifies blood, calms mind and spasms
Lv 5
liver qi
Lv 8
liver blood
Lv 13
mu of spleen
Lv 14
hypochondriac pain
Ren 3
yin and blood
Ren 4
blood, qi, yin, yang
Ren 6
qi and yang
Ren 8
strenghtn spleen, pre natal qi, rescues yang
Ren 9
Ren 10
descend stomach qi, food stagnation
Ren 11
better for excess
Ren 12
mu of stomach, gather point for yang, better for xu, fullness in chest
Ren 13
hiccup, nausea, belching
Ren 14
mu of heart, opens chest, descends lung qi
Ren 17
mu of pc, fullness/pain from the chest with pc 6
Ren 22
plum pit
Ren 23
interior wind, clears fire
Rem 24
interior wind
Du 1
Du 2
interior wind, kid yang xu
Du 3
strenghten the back
Du 4
kidney yang and expel cold
Du 9
Du 10
Du 12
interior wind
Du 14
4 sea point for qi, releases exterior, caolms mind, tonify yang, treat malaria
Du 20
sea of marrow, clears mind, clear yang rise, prolapse, no moxa with HTN
Du 23
opens nose
Du 24
brain and spirit
Du 26
Where does lung channel originate
where does heart transverse
cheek and face
which channels have no crossing points
lung, heart
which channel connects with all 3 jiaos
what cahnnel enters lower teeth and gums
what is the only channel that goes to both inner and outer canthus
what channel branches the retro-auricular region?
which channel spreads over the root and lower surface of tongue
which channel enters root of tongue (not lower surface)
which channel rises to the vertex/brain
which channel originates at nose
which channel goes to upper gums
which channel curves around the lips
which channel enters brain at Du 20
which channel starts behind ear, enters ear and exits anterior to ear
What crosses at SI 10
yang qiao, yang wei
what crosses at SI 12