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Complex I other name?
NADH-Q Reductase Complex or NADH Dehydrogenase/NAD+ Reductase
Complex II other name?
Succinate Dehydrogenase
Complex III other name?
QH2-cytochrome c Reductase complex or Cytochrome reductase
Complex IV other name?
Cytochrome oxidase complex
Complex V other name?
ATP Synthase
Components of Complex I
-Coenzyme Q (Ubiquinone)
Components of Complex II
-Coenzyme Q
Complex II is membrane bound!
Components of Complex III
-Cytochrome b & c
Components of Complex IV
-Cytochrome a+a3
-Binds O2
-Cu+Fe (Cu++ reduced to Cu+)
Components of Complex V
-(ADP + Pi --> ATP)
Coenzyme Q carry e- where?
From To
- Complex I&II --> Complex III
Cytochrome c carry e- where?
Complex III --> Complex IV
Standard reduction potential(E)?
More (-)E value -- reductant member will donate e-
More (+)E value --Oxidant member will accept e-
P/O # for NADH and FADH2?
NADH = 3
FADH2 = 2
Describe ATP Synthase?
-Most abundant Mito protein
-3 ATP's per revolution
-Occurs only with H+ Flow
-1 ATP per 2 protons across membrane
What happens to ATP synthase in the Absence of H+?
ATP synthase breaks down ATP in the reverse process called - Mitochondria ATPase.
Inhibition of oxidative phosphorlyation includes what?
Absence of e- flow-> no H+ flow ->no ATP synthesis.
Absence of ATP synth want for ADP and Pi-> no e- flow.
Effect of Rotenone?
Inhibit e- flow from Complex I (Fe-S complexes) to Ubiquinone
Effect of Barbiturates?
Inhibit flow through Complex I
Effect of Antimycin-A (streptomycete)?
Blocks e- flow through Complex III.
Effect of Cyanide, azide? and CO?
-Bind to Fe+++ in cytochrome a/a3 causing Fe to oscillate btw +++ and ++
- Bind to Fe++
What does an uncoupler do?
Prevents ATP synthesis without inhibiting e- flow
Effect of Dinitrophenol and Pentachlorphenol.
Dissipate proton gradient by transposing H+ across inner membrane w/o ATP synthase.
Describe Thermogenin.
-Normally occurring uncoupler
-Brown Adipose Tissue
-Exploit High -DeltaG from H+ passing down gradient w/o synthesizing ATP
-Temperature control
Why is bilirubin bad?
-To high of conc. result in hyperbilirubinemia.
-Uncoupling occurs w/brain damage in infants
How does arsenate effect the process?
Competes with Pi for Pi transporter.
Effect of pentachlorophenol?
-NADH oxidation & O2 consumption are elevated.
- no ATP made
-individual is hyperthermic