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The principal motivation for drafting the Bill of Rights was the desire to
protect rights not specified in the Constitution
It was designed to meet the nations need for economic progress and self sufficiency. What plan?
American System

Henry Clay

Protective tariff
Internal Improvements
Monetary policy
In 1861 the north went to war with the south primarily to
preserve the union
clothing industry in the late 19th century
the sewing machine made mass manufacturing of clothing possible and clothing more affordable
Woodrow Wilson hardened Senate opposition to the Treay of Versailles by his refusal to compromise on the issue of
the unconditional adherence of the US to the charter of the League of Nations
An outpouring of black artistic and literary creativity
Harlem Renaissance
the experience of americans of Japanese decent during WWII
they were forced from their homes and businesses on the west coast into detention camps
Students staged a sit-in in Greensboro, NC in 1960 to protest
segregation of public facilities
SEt a boudary along the crest of the Appalachians beyond which the english colonists were forbidden to settle
Proclamation of 1763
what contributed most to the American victory in the Revolution
French military and financial assistance
Ralph Waldo Emerson themes
stressed the importance of individual inspiration, self reliance, dissent, and nonconformity
the objective of the Bonus Expeditionary Force that marched on Washington DC in 1932 was to obtain
payment of money to veterans of the first WW
Brown vs Board of Education overturned
Plessy vs Ferguson
married women in colonial era
she generally lost control of her property when she got married
president washingtons neutrality proclamation of 1793 aimed at
french dipolmatic overtures to invoke the franco-american alliance
the hartford convention was a manifestation of
New England Federalist opposition to the war of 1812
declining death rate in american cities at the end of the 19th century
cities built sewers and supplied purified water
Labor org that endorsed the philosophy of bread and butter unionism by concentrating on demands for higher wages, shorter hours, and improved working conditions
the American Federation of LAbor
Built dams that made rural electrification possible
Tennessee Valley Authority
In negotiation to end the cuban missile crisis, President Kennedy promised to
refrain from a military invasion of Cuba
the primary purpose of the stamp act was to
raise revenue to support British troops stationed in america (F&I war)