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Intentional torts: Battery requires
battery requires
1) a physical act by defendant
2) Intent
3) Causation
Intentional torts: Defense of self-defense requires
self-defense requires
1) objectively reasonable belief
2) of being attacked or
3) imminent attack.
Intentional torts: Relevant intent for Battery
The intent required for battery is an intent to bring about harmful or offensive contact w/ plf's person.
Intentional Torts: Intent element
The intent relevant for intentional torts is the intent to bring about the consequences that are the basis of the tort. An actor intends these consequences when his goal is to bring them about or knows w/ substantial certainty that they will result.
Intentional Torts: Causation in battery claim
The harmful or offensive conduct may be directly or indirectly caused by Ds act. It is sufficient if D sets in motion a force that brings about H/O contact to Ps person.