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3 main ways bacteria produce energy
aerobic respiration
anaerobic respiration
type of phosphorylation that fermentation is:
substrate level
characteristics of fermentation
-O2 not required
-pathway of facultative or aerotolerant anaerobes
-final e- acceptor: organic compounds
-no external e-acceptor required
incomplete oxid... small ATP formed
ATP details of glycolysis:
4 ATP produced, 2 ATP consumed;

Net ATP gain = 2
net ATP gain in
-Aerobic respiration
-Anaerobic respiration
-2 from glycolysis

-2 from glyc, 2 from TCA, 34 from ETC
-2 from glyc, 2 from TCA, 2 from ETC
what organisms use aerobic respiration?
facultative and obligate aerobes,