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single member district
A district where voters choose one representative
electoral college
How we elect the president and vice president. Voters vote for electors who pleadge to vote for the right candidate.
safe seat
It is taken for granted that a certain candidate will win the seat.
coattail effect
when a person will get elected just because he is a member of the party of a person who is well liked.
Interested money
contributions by groups who want to influence the outcome of an election.
soft money
Money raised in unlimited amounts by parties to build the party. Cannot be used to elect a particular candidate
independent expenditures
money spent by groups who are not affiliated with a candidate to elect or defeat candidates. like abortion groups.
news media
newspapers, radio, television, filllm, books, recordings, computers. been called the fourth branch of the government.
issue advertising
commercial advertising on a position by a special interest groups. anti abortion, AARP
Fairness doctrine
repealed in 1987. Used to be that radio and tv would have to show both sides of controversial issues.
selective exposure
Individuals perceive what they want to perceive in the media.
horse race
a close race among candidates, and the public focuses more on who is ahead and less on the actual issues.