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What happens to the average kinetic energy as the temperature is increased?
The kinetic energy moves faster and farther apart.
What is kinetic energy?
The energy of movement.
What is condensation?
The change from gas to a liquid.
How does heat flow?
It flows fast because it is a gas.
Describe a situation when this would occur.
A house on fire.
Describe the movement of atoms in a solid.
The atoms move slow and together.
What is the definition of a solid?
Definite shape
Definite volume
What are the 4 states of matter?
solid, liquid, gas, plasma
Describe the movement of the atoms in a liquid.
The atoms move at a medium speed. They slip past each other.
What is the definition of a liquid?
No definite shape
Definite volume
What state of matter is most abundant in the universe?
What is matter?
Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass.