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What is the amount of mass that fits in a given volume called?
What is the abililty of a substance to go through a chemical change called?
When a substance combines with oxygen, produces heat and often light, it is called what?
combustion reaction
What do substances have when they can not go through chemical changes very easily?
When a substance is broken down into simpler substances, it is called?
decomposition reaction
When ionic compounds exchange ions with each other, it is called?
double replacement reactions
What is a chemical change in which the atoms of a substance lose elections?
oxidation reactions
A combination of two or more pure substances that are not chemically combined with each other is called?
What is the ability of a substance to be pulled into thin threads without breaking?
What is a mixture in which the particles of each substance are mixed evenly called?
The ability to burn is called what?
Suspensions that aren't easily filtered because of the small size of their particles are called?
What is the ability to float in a liquid or rise in a gas called?
A mixture that contains particles that are large enough to be seen is called?
How the surface of a substance feels is called what?
What are properties that can be observed or measured without changing an object, or any of the materials it's made of, into something else?
physical properties
What is a chemical reaction that releases energy?
exothermic reaction
What is a chemical reaction that absorbs energy from the surroundings?
endothermic reaction
What are properties that describe the ability of a substance to react with other materials and form new substances?
chemical properties