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What is matter?
It is the stuff that all objects and substances in the universe are made of.
What is another way of saying that matter has volume?
It takes up space.
What is another way of saying that matter has mass?
It contains a certain amount of material.
Because all matter has mass and volume, it can be what?
It can be detected and measured.
These types of matter can be easily seen or felt.
Rocks, trees, bicycles, animals
This type of matter can be seen or smelled.
Smoke from a fire
This is a type of matter that needs a microscope to be seen.
dust mites, viruses, cells
This type of matter is invisible, but you know it exists because you can feel it when the wind blows or you see it bend the branches of trees.
What are properties?
They are the characteristics of a substance that help us classify it.
What are the three major properties of all matter?
mass, volume, and density
Taste, smell, color, magnetism, solubility, and melting point are all examples of
What is the amount of matter called in a substance or an object?
Mass is measured in what units?
kilograms (kg), grams (g), and milligrams (mg)
What is the amount of space that an object or a substance takes up called?
The volume of liquids and powders is measured in what?
milliliters (mL), liters (L), and kiloliters (kL)
What is the amount of mass in a known volume of an object?
How do we find the density of an object?
Divide the mass by the volume
A property that can be observed, measured,or changed without changing the substance itself is called what?
physical property
What is a chemical property?
It is the ability of a substance to change into a new substance with different properties.
Burning, rusting, and reacting with acid are all examples of what?
chemical properties
Which state of matter keeps its shape and volume?
Which state of matter takes on the shape of its container, but keeps its volume, and can flow?
Which state of matter takes on the shape and volume of its container, and can flow through a room?
Which state of matter does not have a definite shape or volume, but only exists at very high temperatures, like the sun?
What tiny particles is all matter made up of?
atoms and molecules
The state of a substance depends on how ____________ its particles move.
What do the particles in a solid do?
They vibrate in place, but they do not separate, and they lock together.
What do the particles in a liquid do?
They move faster and flow over and around each other.
What do the particles in a gas do?
They move fastest, and separate from each other entirely, spreading out in all directions.
What are the solid, liquid, and gas forms of the substance water?
Ice, liquid water, and water vapor