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What state of matter holds its shape?
A solid holds its shape.
In what state of matter are its parts moving the fastest?
Gas molecules move the fastest.
What state of matter can be described as "wet"?
A liquid can be described as "wet".
What are the three states of matter?
Matter can either be solid, liquid, or gas.
All matter is made up of what?
Molecules are the building blocks of matter.
Vaporization happens in what two instances?
Evaporation and Boiling create vaporization, or the instance when liquid becomes gas.
What do you call it when the surface of a liquid becomes a gas?
It is called evaporation.
Specifically, what happens when a liquid as a whole becomes a gas.
This occurs during boiling.
What are five properties of matter?
Hardness, shape, temperature, color, and size are the five properties of matter.
If water vapor (a gas) becomes water (a liquid), what is happening?
It is condensation.