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actinoid series
2nd row of rare-eart elements in the periodic table : radio active, synthetic
alkali metal
member of element family 1 that has 1 valence electron
alkaline earth metal
member of element family 2 that has 2 valence electrons
a solution of two metal or a metal and a nonmetal that has the properties of a metal
smallest particle of an element that has all the properties of that element
atomic mass
average of the masses of the existing isotopes of an element
atomic mass unit
amu , unit used to measure the masses of subatomic particles, a proton has a mass of 1 AMU
atomic number
number of protons in the nucleus
process in which particles inside a liquid as well as those on the surface of a liquid change to gas
boiling point
temperature at which a substance changes from the liquid stange to the gas stage