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homogenous mixtures can be seperated by
distillation, crystallization and chromatography
Matter is...
what everything is made up of
heterogenous mixtures can be seperated by
An element is...
substance that cannot be separatedinto simpler substances by chemical change
A homogeneous mixture is...
mixtues without visibly deifferent parts (ex: salt water)
Potential energy is?
object what has potential for energy because of position
extensive properties depend on?
amoutn of matter presnet(mass,length, volume..)
Amixture is..
a blend of 2 or more substances
intensive properties DO NOT depend on
the amount of matter present (ex:color,freezing pt,density,malleability)
Liquids have a...
high density, no definite shape but a definite volume
Gases have a....
low density, no definite shape or volume
A heterogeneous mixture is...
a mixture with visibly different parts (ex: choc, chip cookies/granite)
Solids have a...
high density-holds a particular shape and has a definite volume
The SI unit used to measure temperaure is?
The law of CONSERVATION of energy is?
in any process energy is neither created nor destroyed
The SI unit for energy is?
Kinetic Energy is?
energy of motion
Chemical change is...
altering the identity of a substance (ex: burning,cooking,rusting)
Pure substances are..
elements and compounds and have unique sets of chemical and physical properties
A compund is..
when 2 or more elements combine in a chemical reaction
Physical changes is..
change in state (ex:crushing/tearing)