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comparative -38
decided by comparison; not positive or absolute; relative: a comparative newcomer in politics;
chastened -38
to discipline criticize severely.
boasting -38
to speak with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself.
infuriate -38
to make furious; enrage.
shockingly frightful or dreadful;
2.resembling a ghost, especially in being very pale
3.terrible; very bad: a ghastly error.
intensified -39
to make strong or more intense. make more acute; strengthen or sharpen.
John Steinbeck
1902–68, U.S. novelist; writer, won the Nobel prize 1962.
feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages: He was jealous of his rich brother.
sulking -41
to remain silent or hold oneself aloof in a sullen, ill-humored, or offended mood
kitty -41
a pool or reserve of money, often collected from a number of persons and designated for a particular purpose specified by the contributors.
subtle -41
fine or delicate in meaning or intent; difficult to perceive or understand; mysterious
to contrive, plan, or elaborate; invent from existing ideas: devise a solution
pocket-money -43
money for small, current expenses.
brandish -46
to shake or wave, as a weapon; flourish: Brandishing his sword, he rode into battle.
quaking - 47
(of persons) to shake or tremble from cold, weakness, fear, anger, or the like
throttling -48
to silence or check as if by choking