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What is a pattern?
A repeated design or number sequence.
What is an expression?
Part of a number sentence that combines numbers and operations signs.
What is a chart?
A table or diagram that shows recorded data.
What is a table in math terms?
Information organized in colums and rows.
What does extend mean?
To make longer in size.
What does repeat mean?
To do again.
What is division?
Seperating a whole into equal parts.
What is mulitplication?
An operation that is a shortcut for repeated addition.
What is a fact family?
A set of related number sentences.
What is a number sentence?
A mathematical sentence using numerals and symbols.
What is a bar graph?
A graph that uses bars to show data.
What does chance mean?
The possiblity that something will happen.
What is data?
Information that can be collected or organized.
What is a tally chart?
A way to organize using tally marks.
What is a key on a graph?
The part of the pictograph that tells what each symbol stands for.
What is a pictograph?
A graph using symbols or pictures to show information.
What does most likely mean?
An event that has a greater chance of happening.
What does least likely mean?
An event that has a lesser chance of happening.
What does equally likely mean?
Outcomes that have the same chance of happing.
What does probability mean?
The chance that a given event will occur.