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angle factoids
-ther are 90 degrees in a right triangle
- when two straight lines intersect, angles opposite of each other are equal
- there is 180 degrees in a triangle
- two lines are perpendicular when tehy meet at a 90 degree angle
- there are 180 degrees in a straight line
- bisect means to cut directly in half
- four sided figures' angles add up to 360 degrees
- a line has no width and extends infinitely
-extends infinitely in one point but has an endpoint.
-the degree measure of the ray is 180
line segment
is part of a line and has two endpoints
-always perpendicular to the radius
all 4 sides equal
all 4 angles each equal 90 degrees
area equal a side times another side
perimeter equals 4s
parallelogram area
base times height
rectangle area
length times width
triangle area
1/2 (base x height)
triangle perimeter
sum of all sides
triangle angles
-shortest side equals the smallest angle
- angles add up to 180 degrees
isoscoles triangle
two sides are equal, angles opposite to each other add up
straight line distance from one point on the circle to another throught the center point
-any line segment from one point on the circle to another
- the diameter is the largest chord
-distance around the outside of the circle
- 2 x oi x radius