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The figure formed when 2 rays meet at a common endpoint called a vertex.
Common factor
A number that is a factor of two or more numbers.
Ex. for 4, 12, & 16, 4 is a common factor
Complementary angles
Two angles whose sum = 90
A line segment that passes through the center of a circle and has its endpoints on the circle. The diameter describes how wide the circle is.
Greatest common factor (GCF)
The largestingle factor for 2 or more numbers. Ex.- The GCF for 12, 24, & 48 is 12
A polygon with six sides.
All whole numbers (both positive and negative) and zero.
The sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of numbers. Also known as the average. Ex. - 2+6+4+5+3=20
20 divided by 5 =4
4 is the mean.
A value found by ordering a group of data from least to greatest and choosing the middle value of the group.
Ex. - 20, 23, 42, 64, 78
You can see that 42 is the middle number.
Ex. - 20, 23, 42, 64 no middle
so we will take the average of the two middle #'s.
23+42=65 65 divided by 2= 32.5
In a group of values, the value that occurs most often.
Ex. - 25,46,89,25,89,95,34,25
Mode is 25
The part of a fraction that stands for how many parts of a whole or group are included in the fraction. Ex. -
5/6 5 is the Numerator
A polygon that has four sides
A quadrilateral with two pairs of congruent, parallel sides.
A parallelogram with four right angles.
Part of the population that is studied to find the characteristics of the whole population.