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How do you find the arc length?
A=sector angle/360*2*3.14r
How do you find the circumference?
2*3.14R or 3.14D
How do you find the hypotenuse?
H square= A squared+ B squared
How do you find the height of a cylander?
H=V/pie R squared
Volume of a cylander
pie R squared H
How do you find the radius?
R squared= V/pie H
How do you find the SA of cones?
pie RL+ pie R squared
Convert 1 Litre into cm cubed
1000cm cubed= 1 litre
devide cm cubed by 1000 to get L
and times by 1000 to get cm cubed
how do you find the volume of a cuboid?
how do you find the volume of a triangular prism?
how do you find the volume of a cylander?
V=pie R squared H
how do you find the sa of the lateral surface?
2 pie R H
how do you find the SA of the circular surface?
pie R squared
how do you find the toal SA?
2pie R squared + 2 pie R H
Area of sector?
sector angle/360* pie R squared
Circle Theorem 1
When an inscribed angle and a sector angle are subtended by the same chord, then the sector angle is twice the size of the inscribed angle
Circle Theorem 2
All inscribed angles subteneded by the same chord are equal (as long as they lie on the same side of the chord)
Circle Theorem 3
When a diameter subtends an inscribed angle, the measure of that angle is alwase 90
Circle Theorem 4
In a cyclic quadrilateral opposite angles are suplementery they add up to 180
Circle Theorem 5
A tangent line touches the circle at exactaly one point. a radius drawn to that point is perpendicular to the tangent
When dividing wich number do you punch into the calculator?
the bottom!!!!!!:)
What do we always need to remember when dealing with converting formulas?
The brackets()