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point where a graph intersects the x axis
point where graph intersects y axis
when -x can be substituted for x and it will lead to an equivalent equation
y-axis symmetry
when -y can be substituted for y and it will lead to an equivalent equation
x-axis symmetry
simultaneous substitution of -x for x and -y for y which leads to an equivalent equation
origin symmetry
numer used to indicate the steepness of a line and whether it tilts uphill or downhill
equation of a line;
point slope equation
equation of a line; y=mx+b
slope intercept equation
2 coplanar lines with the same slope and do not intersect
parallel lines
2 lines that intersect to form a 90 degree angle . their slopes are negative reciprocals
perpendicular lines
a set of ordered pairs
a relation for which each element of the domain corresponds to exactly one element of the range
a variable whose value can be freely chosen without considering values of any other variable
independent variable
a variable whose value depends on one or more other variables
dependent variable
set of values for the independent variables for which a function or relation is defined
the set of y values of a function or relation
a function for which every element of the range corresponds to one element of the domain. must pass vertical and horizontal line test
one to one function
test used to determine if a relation is a function. no vertical lines can intersect the graph at more than one point
vertical line test
solution to an equation; can be real or complex
transformation wehre a graph is picked up and moved to a new location wtihout change in size or orientation
transformation where a geometric figure is reflected across a line, creating a mirror image
sum or difference of terms which have variables raised to positive integers and have real or complex coefficients
polynomial function
a variable's exponent
number multiplied by a varaible or powers of variables in a term
a term of expression with no variables
function that can be written as a polynomial divided by a polynomial
rational function
function with a graph that is symmetric with respect to the y-axis
even function
funciton with a graph that is symmetric with respect to the origin
odd function
functions with x as teh input variable and x is raised only to the first power
linear function
function of the form ax2+bx+c wehre a,b,c are not equal to 0.
quadratic function
function that uses different formulas for different parts of its domain
piece-wise fucntion
function of the form y=ab^x where a>0
exponential function
inverse fo the exponential function
logarithmic function
function obtained by switching the x and y variables ina function. written f^-1(x)
inverse of a function
line that touches a curve at a point without crossing over
tangent line
line which passes through at least 2 points of a curve
secant line
distance between a numer and the origin . must be 0 or positive
absolute value
square root of (x2-x1)^2+(y2-y1)^2
distance formula
(x1+x2)/2 , (y1+y1)/2
midpoint formula
interval that contains its endpoints
closed interval
interval that does not contain its endpoints
open interval
trig functon. y/r
trig function. x/r
trig function. y/x
trig function. r/x
trig function. r/x
trig function. x/y
horizontal distance required for a graph of a periodic fxn to complete one cycle
half the differnece between the minimum and maximum values of the range
when you use the output of one function to plug in for the input of another
composite functions