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What does P mean?
Pick (permutation)

order matters!
What does C mean?
Choose (combinations)

order does not matter!
When do you multiply the events by each other?
If the first event can happen x ways and the second event can happen y ways, then both events can happen in the order given x times y ways.
what does "!" mean?
Factorial, it is used when things are repeated or identical.
How do you calculate the probability of a fraction?
probability of an event=
# of ways that the event can occur

# of all possible outcomes
What is the Bernoulli experiment?
-exactly two possible outcomes
-one success, one failure
-fixed # of trials
-trials are independent
-the probability of each outcome is the same for each trial.
what values must be considered?
N= Number of trials
R= How many times it must be successful
F= # of failures
S= # of successes
How do you do Binomial expansion?
IE: (m+2)^3
there will be 4 terms, (One more than the exponent) where a= M and b= 2
-start at zero (3choose 0..1..2..3)
-then multiply everything
one more time! what does P mean?
pick, permutation, or exact position
one more time! what does C mean?
choose, combination, or committee