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In a percent proportion, the _____________ is being compared to the whole quantity, called the ___________________.
part; base
You can express a ___________ as a fraction by writing it as a fraction with a denominator of 100.
______________ is the amount of money paid or earned for the use of money.
The amount of money invested or borrowed is called the ___________________.
When the new amount is less than the originial amount, the percent of chnge is a(n) _______________________.
percent of decrease
The amount by which the regular price of an item is reduced is clled the ______________________.
The expression part/base = percent/100 is called the __________________________.
percent proportion or percent equation
The amount the customer pays for an item is called the _______________________.
selling price
__________________ equals _____________________ times rate times time.
interest; principal
When computing a percent of change, the ________________ is always the original amount.