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Plurality Method
To choose the candidate with the most first place votes.

Majority criterion
may violate the condorcet
Borda Count Method
first second and third are assigned point values.

Majority and Condorcet Criterion may be violated
Plurality with elimination
Least amount of first place votes is out...continue this pattern.

May violate condorcet criterion and also monotonicity
Copelands method (pairwise comparison)
each candidate is compared to every other candidate one on one for each win candidate gets 1 point for each tie is 1/2 point. Most points wins

independence of irrelevance criterion may be violated
Majority Criterion
if someone has more than half the first place votes they should win
Condorcet Criterion
if a candidate wins all the head to head comparisons than they should win
Monotonicity Criterion
if choice x wins and election and in a re election the only changes favor x, it should still win.
Independence of Irrelevence Criterion
if choice x wins an election, and one or more other choices are disqualified and the ballots re-counted, x should still win
Recursive ranking
use method x to determine first place winner...eliminate and use same method to determine second and third place.
Kenneth Arrows Theorm of 1941
in elections involving 3+ candidates there is no consistently fair democratic voting method.
if a players weight is equal to or greater than the quota
A player with no power
Veto Power
when a player can single handedly prevent the passing of a motion.
Pivitol Player
one who's entry turns the coalition from losing to winning.