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parenthesses, exponents, multiplication and divsion (left to right), addition and subtraction (left to right)
Counting Consecutive Integers
subtract smallest from largets and add one, to count integers from 13 to 31, do 31-13=18 then add one to get 19
Exponential Growth
if r is the ration between consecutive terms, a1 is first term, aN is nth term, and sN is the sum of the first n terms, then aN=a1*r^n-1 and Sn= A1-A1R^N / 1-R
prime fractorization
break up integers into factors until all the factos are prime 8=2*2*2
check out multiples of largest interger until you find one thats also a multiple of a smaller one
break down numbers into their prime factorizations and multiply all prime factors they have in common
Multiples of 4
if last two digits form a multiple of 4, it is a multiple of 4, ex 512, 12 is last two digits
Divisible by 3/9
if sum of digits are divisible by 3, its divisible by 3, if sum divisible by 9, its divisible by 9
Reducing Fractions
factor out and cancel all factors numerator/denominator have in common, ex 28/36, 4x7 over 4x9, 7/9
Finding the Original Whole
to find the original whole before a percent increase or decrease, set up an equation, ex. 15% increase over x as 1.15x
to solve rate problems, use units to keep things straight,
12 inches/4 hours= x inches/7 hours
Average Speed
Total Distance/Total Time
ex. average for 120 miles at 40mph and 120 miles at 60mph, divide 240 mph by total time of 2hrs plus 3 hours (5 hours)
48 mph
Average of Evenly Spaced Numbers
average the smallest and the largest, ex average of all integers from 13-77 is same as average of 13 and 77
13+77 over 2
Finding missing number when given an average
use the sum, ex if average 4 numbers =7, sum must be 28. if 3 other numbers are known 4th can be found
P=Favorable Outcomes/Total Possible Outcomes
9 shirts are white and 12 total in drawer, p of picking white =.75
Counting The Possibilities
if there are m ways one event can happen and n ways a second event can happen, then there are m x n ways for the 2 events to happen, ex 5 shirts and 7 pants to choose from =35 different outfits
Adding/Subtracting Roots
you can add and subtract radical expressions when part under radicals is the same
Multiplying/Diving Roots
radical 3 times radical 5 = radical 15
radical 6 divided by radical 3= radical 2
Negative exponent and rational exponent
if p and q are integers, and the equation is X^p/q, equation = the q root of x to the p