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Parallel Lines
Two Lines in the same plane that do not intersect.
A line that intersects two parallel lines to form eight angles
Interior Angles
Four of the anles formed by the transversal and two parallel lines. Interior angles lie between the two parallel lines.
Exterior angles
Four of the angles formed by the transversal and two parallel line. Exterior angles lie outside the two parallel lines.
Alternate Interior Angles
Nonadjacents inrerior angles found on opposite sides of the transversal.
Alternate exterior angles
Nonadjacents extererior angles found on opposite sides of the transversal.
Vertical Angles
Two pairs of opposite angles formed by two intersecting lines.
Adjacent Angles
Two angles that have the saave vertexm share a common side, and do not overlap.
Complementary angles
Two angles are complementary if the of their measures is 90○.
Supplementary angles
Two angles are supplementary if their sums are 180○.
Perpendicular Lines
Lines that intersect to form a right angle.
Corresponding angles
Parts of congruent of similar figurs that match.