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number line
physical representation of the real numbers
the point ont he nummber line representing 0
positive numbers
numbers located to the right of the origin
negative numbers
numbers to the left of the origin
unit distance
distance that one unit is from zero on the number line
real numbers
all of the rational and irrational numbers
irrational numbers
non repeating and non terminating decimals
rational numbers
decimals that never end or repeat.
-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 no decimals and fractions
whole numbers
non negative intergers
graph of a number
point named with a capital letter
coordinate of a piont.
number represented by the piont on the number line
opposite of a number
two numbers are opposites if ther are the same distance from the origin but on opposite sides
absoplute value
never negative
numerical expression
an expression that names a number