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What is a set?
A set is a collection of objects, ex. shoes, letters,
What is a Subset?
Consisting of some elements of a set. part of a set
Intersection, What is it?
The intersection of two or more sets will be those elements that are common to all sets.
what is a Union
All the elements of all the sets.
what is a null set?
null set is a subset of every set.A Null set is empteh!!!!!!!
Real numbers?
any number, 5, 2, 3.5 -4
any positive or negative whole number. including zero.
o, -155, 1, NOT 1/2, 0.75
Irrational numbers?
non repeating non terminationg decimals. Including square roots.
What are W-whole numbers?
any positive numbers including zero.
Q-Rational numbers. What are they?
anything you can write in the form of a/b when a and b are both integers, but b is not zero, b is a positive whole number
ex. 3/4 -2/9
Why is zero Undefined?
Division by zero is an operation for which you cannot find an answer, so it is disallowed. You can understand why if you think about how division and multiplication are related.
12 divided by 6 is 2 because
6 times 2 is 12

12 divided by 0 is x would mean that
0 times x = 12

But no value would work for x because 0 times any number is 0. So division by zero doesn't work.
Set Builder Notation
A shorthand used to write sets, often sets with an infinite number of elements.

The set {x : x > 0} is read aloud, "the set of all x such that x is greater than 0."
Closure property
you start with a particular type of number and perform an operation, your answer must still be that type of number.
An algerbraic expression using numbers or variables to indicate a question
Like Terms
Terms that are equal or that differ only in their coefficients
Algebraic term
Expressions containing only algerbraic symbols and operations
The numerical part of a term.
Closure Property
addition: a+b is a unique (exactly one) real number
multiplication:ab is a unique real number
Commutative property
addition a+b=b+a
Associative property
Addition a+(b+c) = (a+b)+c
Multiplication a(bc)=(ab)c
Identity Property
Addition R contains a unique element 0 called the identity element for addition such that for any A, a+0=a and 0+a=a
Multiplication R contains a unique element 1 called the identity element for multiplication, such that for any a, ax1=a and 1xa=a
Inverse Property
Addition For every element of the real number there is a unique real number, -a called the additive inverse of a such that a+(-a) = 0 and (-a)+a=0
Multiplication For every non zero a element of the real number there is a unique real number 1/a called the multiplicative inverse of a such that ax1/a =1 and 1/ax a = 1
Multiplicative Property of 0
ax0=0 and 0xa=0
Multiplicative property of -1
a(-1)= -a and (-1)a= -a