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Low birth wt. infants:
2500g (4lbs) or less, result of poor nutrition (Potentialy)
Folate deficiency->
neural tube defects-> neural tube closure-> abnormal formation of spinal cord
-1st mon.
-FDA says 0.4mg d
RDA recomments ___ calorie increase in 2nd 3rd tri.
Wt. gain recommendations are set by:
ht and pre-preg. wt.
obesity in preg. can result in:
macrosomia FPD which increases risk for ceserean, ER C-sec, postp. hem., late fetal death, PIH, gest. diabetes and babies with con. defects
best for determining appropriateness of wt.:
<19.8= uw gain 12.5-18
19.8-26=n gain 11.5-16
26-29= ow gain 7-11.5
>29=o gain at least 7kg
All nutrients can be gained from diet except for:
folate and iron
Zinc def.->
ass. w malformations fo the CNS...when large amounts of iron and folate are consumed-> zinc abs. is inhibited
When lactating, increase cal. by ____
what is the only nutrition related lab test necessary for all preg. women? but also should-
H and H
-screen for anemia
Vit. C:
promotes iron abosorbtion