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Name 3 advocates of Materialism.
-Thomas Hobbes (most influential)
-Karl Marx
Name a 2 problems with Materialism.
-It doesn't account for or
spirit,consciousness,beliefs, desires, intentions, and sensory experiences

-Denies the existance of God and the soul

-Scientist are still trying find the invisible elemental particle that makes up matter

-The notion that true happiness and success comes from material things
Name a philosophy that is opposite of Materialism
-Idealism (everything in the world is spiritual, and that the world and even matter itself are mere conceptions or ideas in the thinking subject)
True or false:

All the properties of things, including persons, are reducible to properties of matter.
True or False:

For a Materialist the Mind DOES exist
Some materialist deny the existance of ANYTHING mental
others equate the mind and the brain