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What service designator code is used for activities located ashore?
What service designator code is used for Atlantic Fleet operating units?
What form is used to requisition material that is excluded from MILSTRIP?
DD Form 1149
What form is used to requistion presentation siver, cognizance symbol "OK" library materials, cog symbol "I", matl not assigned a NICN, and ships's propulsion fuel?
DD Form 1149
Cannibalization will be accomplished in accordance with what?
TYCOM procedures.
What procedures are used for ordering all material from the Navy Supply system, other military installations, DLA, and GSA?
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP)
What two methods by which a ship may obtain the materials and services it requires?
1 = By requisiitioning an ashore supply activity or to another naval vessel.
2 = Purchasing direct from a commercial source
GSA Customer Service Centers are designed to provide small quantities of what type of material?
Office Supplies
What are the three ways you can order from GSA
Phone, Mail, or Fax
How many days proor to deployment is a unit authorized a higher FAD?
90 days
What FAD is assigned to declared emergencies?
What FAD is assigned to U.S. forces being maintained in a state of combat readiness for deployment to combat during the period D30 to D90?
What UND is assigned when the condition is that without the material needed the activity is unable to perform one or more of its primary missions?
What UND will be assigned if an activity's ability to perform one or more of its primary missions will be impaired until the material is received?
What UND is assigned to routine requirements?
What UND is assigned to outfitting and replenishment requisitions for Q COSAL allowed reactor plant components, equip, and other material required to support reactor plany systems?
What UND is assigned when material is required for stock replenishment of overseas forward area supply activities?
Before leaving port for an extended period of time, who shall review the status of all outstanding contracts?
Supply Officer
Who is responsible for the accurate assignment of priority designators consistent with the F/AD of the unit, the urgency of need, and the RDD assigned?
Commanding Officer
What advice code indicates that a req'n is for an initial requirement?