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What is a product group
A product group groups together products with similar planning characteristics
Can a product group contain other groups within it?
What is a proportion factor in a product group?
It represents what proportion of the group comprises a specific product or sub group
The lowest level in a product group hierarchy must comprise only ________
A planning table exists for all members of a product group hierarchy
What are the rows in a planning table?
Stock level,
target stock level,
Day’s supply
Target day’s supply
What time periods are allowed in a planning table
Days, weeks, months or a combination. Plus custom time periods.
What are the ways in which a sales plan can be created?
Transfer from SIS
Transfer from CO/PA
Forecast based on history
Transfer from another product group
What are the different options in the planning table for creating a production plan?
Sync to sales
Target stock level
Target days supply
Inv to zero
Manual entry
What do you need to do in order to transfer production plans from one level to a lower level?
What are the options while disaggregating?
• Disaggregate production plan
• Disaggregate sales plan and then derive production plans
What options exist for transferring planning data to demand management
All data for product group
Single material
What feature enables storing multiple planning scenarios
Version number of plan
Which planning version can be transferred to demand management?
Active or inactive versions
What is the difference between planned independent requirements and customer independent requirements?
Planned independent requirements are derived from forecasts

Customer independent requirements are actual sales orders
What is the advantage of using made to stock production for sub assemblies and made to order production for finished goods
Sales order for finished goods can be fulfilled quickly since only the final assembly step needs to be carried out.
What are the three production planning strategies?
Made to stock production
Subassembly planning
Made to order production
Using planning strategy 40, do sales orders affect requirements?
Yes, sales orders that exceeded planned independent requirements will cause MRP to create planned orders to fulfill these shortfalls
What is the difference between MPS and MRP?
In MPS, only the critical items are scheduled to identify any issues like capacity problems. Once MPS verifies these, MRP is then run for other materials.
What does MRP type determine?
How material planning is done for a material -- MRP, consumption based or no planning at all.
Is it true that consumption based planning is done for high-value materials?
No -- it is done for B and C items.
How can a material be excluded from planning
By using the corresponding MRP type.
What happens if MRP finds shortages
Proposals are created -- planned orders or purchase requisition
What can be done to the proposals generated by MRP? (187)
• Purchase requisitions can be converted into purchase orders.
• Planned orders can be converted into production orders or purchase requisitions.
What happens when planned orders are converted into production orders? (
Dependent requirements are transferred to order reservations
How is the quantity for the procurement proposal calculated by MRP
The demand is calculated as safety stock plus requirements and the supply is calculated as stock plus firmed planned and purchase orders plus firmed receipts. The gap is the quantity proposed.

What are firmed planned orders and purchase requisitions?
How does MRP calculate the order dates for components?
By backward scheduling based on procurement and production lead times and based on a BOM explosion.
What control do we have on what materials are planned by an MRP run on the MRP screen
• Total planning for the plant (all materials) OR
• Individual material (single or multi-level)
How can we further control the materials planned
Through user exits to determine materials that satisfy certain criteria
When is the processing key regenerative planning (NEUPL) usually used? (
Planning for the first time or when consistency of data is in doubt
What are the other processing keys?
NETCH -- Net change for total horizon
NETPL -- Net change for planning horizon
What is the difference between the stock/requirements list and the MRP list?
Stock/Requirements list is up to date
MRP list is static and shows only the results of the last MRP run
What determines whether planned order of MRP run is converted into a production order or a purchase requisition?
Procurement type of the material. If “external procurement” then PR else Production Order.