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Bachman's bundle fiber type?
inter-atrial fibers
fibers that go from SA to AV nodes?
intra-nodal fibers
A-V bundle aka
Bundle of His
resting membrane potential of cardiac muscle
-85 to -95 mV
action potential of cardiac muscle?
Plateau time in ventricular muscle?
0.2-0.3 sec
3 phases of ventricular filling
rapid, diastasis, atrial contraction (1/3s of diastole)
2 phases of ventricular ejection
rapid (1st third of ejection),
slow (2nd two thirds of ejection)
effect of increased afterload on ventricle PV curve
increased ejection pressure and increased volume of isovolumetric relaxation
effect of increased contractility on ventricle PV curve
increased ejection pressure an decreased volume of isovolumetric relaxation