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abstract expressionism
20th century american movement based on nonfigurative dramatic expressiveness

- pollock, rothko
art deco
art and architectural style of 1920, 1930 that used abstraction, distortion, simplification, particularly geometric shapes and highly intense color

- chrysler building
art nouveau
early 20th century art movement emphasized nature in art, often feature floral motifs
heavily stylized movement prominent in europe in late 16th to 18th century characterized by lavished ornamentation
important architecture and design tool that emphasized many geometrical motifs
in the style of ancient greek and roman art
artistic movement predicated on the fragmentation of reality and a direct reaction to impressionism

absurdist movement of 20th century

italian art movement that emphasized the machine as art
characterized by elaborate arches and stained glass

-notre dame in paris
french school of art that emphasized the artist's visual impressions over realism

-monet, renoir
a print technique in which plates are pressed onto a crayon drawing
minimalist art
movement that stressed cold restraint over emotional expression
a recurring theme or element
movement that rejected ornate rococo style and returned to a green and roman model
french school of art that emphasized the artist's visual impressions over realism

-monet, renoir
a print technique in which plates are pressed onto a crayon drawing
minimalist art
movement that stressed cold restraint over emotional expression
a recurring theme or element
movement that rejected ornate rococo style and returned to a green and roman model
style characterized by use of tiny dots of paint which when seen together make up a whole image

pop art
contemporary movement which borrows heavily from popular culture and commercial art sources

19th c. movement in which reality of vision is emphasized over idealization or romanticization
era of renewed interest in the arts and humanities; begun in italy in 15th c.
18th c. movement that was typified by elegance and vagueness
1920s movement which sought to show the world through fantastic landscapes and dream imagery

-magritte, dali
british museum
london, england
frick collection museum
nyc, us
solomon r. guggenheim museum
nyc, us
hagia sophia museum
istanbul, turkey
hermitage museum
st. petersburg, russia
the louvre museum
paris, france
the met museum
nyc, us
moma museum
nyc, us
musee d'orsay
paris, france
pergamon musuem
berlin, germany
prado museum
madrid, spain
amsterdam, netherlands
the tate britain museum
london, england
the tate modern museum
london, england
moscow, russia
florence, italy
whitney museum of american art
nyc, us
bosch, hieronymus
flemish painter of late 15th c. and early 16th c.

- the garden of earthly delights, mocking of christ
botticelli, sandro
florentine painter whose work is marked by refined figures and brilliant coloring

bounarroti, michelangelo
sculptor, painter, architect whose work typified the renaissance in italy

- david, pieta (sculptures)
- ceiling of sistine chapel (painting)
bruegel, peter
aka "the elder," the flemish painter renown for his landscape and characters

-the fall of the rebel angels
calder, alexander
mid 20th c. american sculptor known for his use of mobiles and motorized pieces
cassatt, mary
american artist, figure painting and etchings

- several versions of mother and child
cezanne, paul
french artist prominent during impressionalist movement
chagall, marc
russian painter whose work presage surrealist movement; known for stain glass windows and illustrated books
dali, salvador
20th c. spanish surrealist painter

- the persistance of memory
degas, edgar
19th c. french painter of ballet dancers and sculptor of horses; influenced toulouse-lautrec and picasso
15th c. italian sculptor, shaped renaissance
durer, albrecht
german artist, woodcuts and engravings

-four horsemen of the apocalypse (series of woodcut), melencolia I (engraving)
angelico, fra
15th c. florentine monk and painter created many frescoes in st. mark's convent in florence
ernst, max
german painter of dada movement who help shaped surrealist movement with his work

-two children are threatened by a nightingale
gainsborough, thomas
19th c. english painter of portraits and landscape
gauguin, paul
french post-impressionist painter influenced modern art; work depicted life on tahiti and marquesas islands

- where do we come from? what are we? where are we going?
gehry, frank
canadian born architect

- guggenheim museum in bilbao, spain
goya, francisco
greatest spanish painter of his era
el greco
16th c. greek painter specialized in expressive portratis of nobility and in magnificent cathedral alters
hopper, edward
american painter, engraver of stark street scenes

- early sunday morning, nighthawks
javachef, christo
bulgarian artist, large-scale earth pieces (wraps and plastic), biggest art installation
jefferson, thomas
american political figure and architect

- monticello, university of virginia (designed and built)
johns, jasper
20th c. american painter, introduced pop art movement and abstract expressionism

- beer cans, series of american flag paintings
kandinsky, vasily
russian expressionist painter, found bauhaus school, associated with klee
klee, paul
swiss avant-garde expressionist painter who helped found the bauhaus school, associated with kandinsky
klimt, gustav
german art nouveau painter

- the kiss
leonardo de vinci
painter, sculptor, engineer and inventor during italian renaissance

- madonna of the rocks, mona lisa
manet, edouard
french painter influence impressionist movement, paintings evoke outrage
marc, franz
emotionally troubled german-born experessionist painter

- yellow cow, blue horses
matisse, henri
french fauve artist painted still life subjects, greatest modern artists
miro, joan
surrealist spanish painter, known for landscapes
monet, claude
french painter, founder of impressionist school, greatest landscape artist

- water lily paintings
moses, anna mary ("grandma")
american artist known for her landscapes and views of new england life
munch, edvard
norwegian painter of expressionist pieces

- the scream
o'keeffe, georgia
20th c. american painter with southwestern motif

- cow's skull, red, white and blue
pei, i.m.
postmodern chinese american architect designed prominent skyscrapers

- entrance to louvre in paris, rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland
picasso, pablo
spanish artist found cubist movement

- the three musicians, guernica
pissarro, camille
french impressionist painted broad landscapes
pollock, jackson
american artist, giant canvases and splatter designs characterize the abstract expressionist movement
rembrandt, harmenszoon
17th c. dutch master

- anatomy lesson of dr. tulp, the shooting company of capt. frans banning cocq.
renoir, pierre
french painter, founder of impressionist movement

- moulin de la galette, bather
rubens, peter paul
flemish painter during baroque era

- venus and adonis and the judgement of paris
rodin, auguste
19th c. french sculptor

- the thinker, the kiss
rothko, mark
russian american painter of abstract expressionist school, student of max weber
seurat, george
19th c. painter, forerunner of impressionist movement, created pointillism

- un dimanche a la grande jatte
tiffany, louis comfort
american craftsman known for stain glass pieces
van gogh, vincent
19th c. dutch painter, post impressionist

- starry night, the sunflowers
warhol, andy
20th c. pop artist, define modern aesthetic with his movies, series of marilyn monroe silkscreens
wright, frank lloyd
20th c. american architect

- fallingwater in pa, solomon r. guggenheim museum in ny
greek dramatist specialized in tragedies

-prometheus bound
greek fabulist, allegory fables
aligheri, dante
renaissance italian writer, father of modern literature

- divine comedy
anderson, sherwood
american short-story writer

- winesburg, ohio
austen, jane
19th c. english author

- sense and sensibility, pride and prejudice, emma
balzac, honore de
19th c. french writer

- la comedie humaine
beckett, samuel
irish-born french novelist and playwright with existentialism

- malloy, waiting for godot
bellow, saul
american novelist, nobel prize in literature

- herzog, humboldt's gift
blake, william
british artist, pet and engraver

- songs of innocence, experience
bronte, charlotte
english novelist, sister to emily bronte

- jane eyre, shirley
bronte, emily
one of three literary sisters, aka ellis bell

- wuthering heights (romantic novels)
bunyan, john
english preacher, writer of allegorical stories

- the pilgrim's progress
byron, lord geroge
romantic poet known for adventurous life and writings

- don juan, childe harold's pilgrimage
camus, albert
french writer and existentialist

- the stranger, the plague
carroll, lewis (charles dodgson)
british writer, mathematician, artist

- alice in wonderland, through the looking glass
cervantes, miguel de
spanish writer

- don quixote (1st modern novel)
chaucer, geoffrey
english poet

- the canterbury tales
chekhov, anton pavlovich
russian playwright and short story writer

- the seagull, the cherry orchard
coleridge, samuel taylor
one of first english romantics

- the rime of ancient mariner, lyrical ballads (w/ william wordsworth)
colette, sidonie-gabrielle
french female author, published claudine novels

- the innocent wife
conrad, joseph
polish born british writer

- heart of darkness, under western eyes
crane, stephen
american of the civil war

-red badge of courage
dickens, charles
english writer w/ victorian audience; contemporary of thomas hardy

- a tale of two cities, great expectations, a christmas carol
dickinson, emily
one of american's great 19th c. poets whose poems never got published in her lifetime
donne, john
english writer, essayist, and religious scholar; greatest metphysical poets

- the flea, death be not proud
dostoevsky, fyodor
russian novelist

- crime and punishment, the idiot
dreiser, theodore
american writer of naturalist school

- sister carrie, an american tragedy
eliot, george (mary anne evans)
victoria english female novelist wrote realist novels

- middlemarch, adam bede