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wood anger
(2 points)
Palmar/ulnar side of index finger, .2 cun away from midline, .33 and .66 cun from the middle segment crease.

LV fire, irritability

.2 to .3 cun
Fu Ke
gynecological points
(2 points)
Dorsal/ulnar side of thumb, proximal segment, .3 cun from midline and 1/3 and 2/3 from second finger crease.

Uteritis, pain of the uterus, hysteromyoma, distension of the lower abdomen, female sterility, irregular menstruation, menorrhea, scanty menstruation

Huan Cho
return nest
Ulnar/palmar side of the middle segment of the ring finger, in the center between the 2nd and 3rd finger crease.

Uterine pain, uterine tumor, uteritis, irregular menstruation, leucorrhea w/reddish discharge, tubal obstruction, retroversion of uterus, frequent urination, vaginal swelling, frequent miscarriage

Insert a .5 cun needle to .2-.3 cun. CONTRA TO NEEDLE BILATERALLY
Pi Zhong
spleen tumor
(2 points)
Palmar side, middle segment of middle finger, on midline, .33 and .66 cun from the DIP joint crease.

Enlargement of the SP. (San Zhong 77.07, Mu Dou 66.07, Mu Liu 66.06 are more effective.)

.1-.2 cun
Mu Yan
wood inflammation
(2 points)
Palmar side, middle segment of ring finger, .2 cun ulnar side of midline, .33 and .66 cun from the 3rd finger crease.

Hepatitis, hepatomegaly, cirrhosis

.2-.3 cun
Xin Men
Heart gate
Depression on medial side of the inferior ulna, 1.5 cun distal to the elbow.

Carditis, palpitations, suffocating feeling in the chest, vomiting, dry cholera

Huo Bao
Fire bag
Plantar side of the second toe, center of distal crease.

LV diseases, difficult labor, retention of placenta, angina pectoris (very effective).

Bleed for best results, or .3-.5 cun. CONTRA PREGNANCY
Shang Liu
upper tumor
Center of the anterior edge of the heel.

Brain tumor (effective), nose bleeding, stuffy nose, encephaledema pain of the cerebellum, cranial nerve pain, debility

.5 cun maximum. For acute brain concussion, bleed Shang Liu 55.06 and Zheng Jin 77.01 and KD2.
Mu Fu
wood wife
Dorsal side, .3 cun lateral to the center of the middle segment of the 2nd toe.

Leucorrhea w/reddish discharge, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, metritis (inflammation of the uterus), tubal obstruction, sore throat

.2-.4 cun closely against the phalanx.
Zheng Jin
upright tendon
In the center of the tendo calcaneus, 3.5 cun superior to the base of the heel.

Vertebral pain d/t sprain, lumbar vertebral pain, neck pain and rigidity, cranial enlargement, hydrocephalus, brain tumor, concussion

.5-.8 cun. More effective when the needle pierces through the tendon.
Si Hua Shang
four flower upper
Longitudinally distal by 3 cun to the outer border of the patella.

Asthma, toothache, palpitations, tumor in the mouth, dizziness, HT diseases, leg spasm, cholera

2-3 cun. For LU diseases, 2 cun deep. For HT diseases, 3 cun deep.
Shang Chun
upper lip
At the lower lateral ridge of the patella.

Lip pain, ulceration of mucus membrane of the mouth, herpes (oral, genital)

Bleed until dark red blood appears.
Xia Chun
lower lip
1 cun inferior to the lower lateral patellar border.

Lip pain, ulceration of mucus membrane of the mouth, herpes (oral, genital)

Bleed until dark red blood appears.
Shen Guan
KD gate
1.5 cun inferior to SP9.

Strabismus (crossed eyes), astigmatism, hyperacidity, vertigo, anemia, pain of the nasal bone, epilepsy, neuropathy, pain in the supra-orbital bone, hormone-related shoulder pain (frozen shoulder)

1-2 cun