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What is textbook reconnaissance?
The initial scanning of the table of contents and every page of a new textbook taking note of what looks important such as diagrams, chapter headings, charts and forms.
How do you do a textbook reconnaissance?
Just flip through each page and the table of contents. Use sticky-notes to flag important pages.
What is the purpose of textbook reconnaissance?
To help someone get familiar with their new textbook and to minimize the anticipation of whats to come.
What are some ways to get the most from "Becoming A Master Student"?
- Rip out pages if access is needed a lot.
- Skip around textbook if needed.
- Practice critical thinking activities.
Visit Master Student website.
- Do the excercises.
- Write in book.
What is a discovery statement?
A journal entry detailing thoughts, feelings and behaviors about where I'm at and where I want to be with school.
What are some guidelines for a discovery statement?
- Record specific thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
- Be aware of discomfort. Feel it. DON'T RUN!
- Suspend judgement of self.
- Tell the truth.
What is an intention statement?
A journal entry detailing a problem from your discovery statement and the steps how you are going to approach and change it.
What are some guidelines for intention statements?
- Make intentions positive.
- Avoid using the word 'try'.
- Suggest goals that can be observable.
- Keep intentions reachable and small.
- Set timelines and reward yourelf when met.
What are some ways of making the transition into college easier?
- Decrease unknowns; get to know school layour, teacher and schedule.
- Show up and be on time.
- Be willing to change study habits.
- Find and utilize student resources.
- Meet new people.
What are some tools adults can use when re-entering college?
- Go part-time before full-time commitment.
- Hire people to do household chores and childcare.
- Brush up on subjects prior to starting.
- Be willing to adopt new study habits.
What are some ways to understand instructions?
- Take notes.
- Reread or ask for clarification.
- Anticipate and problems. Be ready for them.
- Make checklist.
What are some ways to change a habit?
- Tell the truth about it.
- Choose a good habit to replace bad one.
- Continue to visualize and reaffirm intention.
- Start with small habit.
- Get support from peers.
- Let self-judgement go.
- Practice.