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What is the First Step to success?
Telling the truth about what is working, and what isn't in our lives right now.
True or False? The First Step is about telling the truth only about our positive qualities?
False, it is about telling the truth about our positive and negative qualities.
What can you change by taking a First Step?
We can change the way things are withough having to be upset about the way things have been.
What is a Discovery Wheel?
It is a tool that helps a student find what area of their life that they are strongest and weakest in.
What are the two ways that people percieve information?
- concrete experience
- abstract conceptiualization
What are the two ways that people process information?
- active experimentation
- reflective observation
What is percieving by concrete experience?
It is absorbing information through the five senses. Learning by direct involvement.
What is percieving by abstract conceptualization?
Taking in information separate from self, then analyzing, intellectualizing it.
What is processing information by active experimentation?
Learning by just jumping in and doing things immediatly. Learning by risk taking.
What is processing information by reflective observation.
Learning by standing back, watching and thinking about it.
What are some benefits of knowing your learning style?
- You can excel in different types of courses.
- sieze opportunities in real world.
- expand career/major options.
What is VAK stand for?
- Visual learning.
- Auditory learning.
- Kinesthetic learning.
List some traits a person can nurture to become a master student.
- Inquisitiveness.
- Willingness to change.
- Responsible.
- Willing to take risks.
What are some ways one can strengthen motivation?
- Commit and follow through.
- Acknowledge discomfort. Don't give in.
- Ask for support.
- Always remember the payoff.
What are two ways to change a bad attitude into a positive one.
- Affirmations.
- Visualizations.
What are some positive ways to deal with new ideas?
- Look at how idea can be beneficial.
- Keep looking for new ideas.
- Don't throw away, keep for later.