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the study of disease processes or of any deviation from a normal, healthy condition
the study of the normal functions of the organism or any part of the orgamism
the science of the preparation, usage, and effects of medications
the study of the structures of plants and animals
Endangerment sites
particular areas of the body that contain superficial or unprotected organs, nerves and blood vessels and require caution to prevent injury
a condition or symptom that points to massage as a potentionally beneficial treatment
a condition or symptom for which a massage should be avoided because it presents a risk for the clients health
Anatomical position
describes a person standing up, feet shoulder-width apart, arms at the sides, and palms facing up
Anterior (ventral)
frontside of body
-refers to something on or toward someone's front side, or on the naval side
something that is farther away from torso, toward fingers and toes
Inferior (caudad)
more towards the feet
-refers to something being more towards the feet, or below
Posterior (dorsal)
backside of body
- refers to something on or toward someone's back
lying face down
-lying on stomach or face down
closer to torso
-describes something toward the attachment point of the limb to the body
Sidelying (laterally recumbent)
lying on side
-refers to a person lying on his or her side
toward surface of skin
-refers to something closer to the surface of the skin
Superior (cephalad)
toward the head
-refers to something being more toward the head, or above
lying on spine
-refers to a person lying on his or her back or spine
more inside body
-refers to something farther from the surface of the skin, or more toward the inside of the body
toward midline of the body
Farther from midline of body
Sagittal plane
plane that runs vertically down the body, lengthwise, dividing the body into left and right parts.
-can occur anywhere along body.
Midsagittal plane
plane that runs exactly down the midline of the body, creating equal left and right halves
Frontal plane(coronal plane)
runs vertically dividing the body into front and back
Transverse plane
runs horizontally through the body, dividing it into top and bottom parts.