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transactional view of perception
both perciever and the world are activer participants in perception
transactional perception demo
monocular distorted room
cultural expectations of perception
research on binocular rivalry showed a strong tendency for subjects to see scenes from their own culture
motivation and perception
navy men waiting for admission to sub training told they were testing ability to respond to low levels of visual stimuli, more hours without food resulted in greater food related responses
mood and perception
experiment using hypnosis showed differences in response to pictures based on happy, critical and anxious moods
attitude and perception
studied perception of a football game, dartmouth v princeton, showed that one game actually several games and that each version of events was real to the person who perceived them
perception and mass comm - time mag cover
shaking hands, one with american flag, the other with soviet hammer and sickle, intended to show cooperation, one person perceived the message that "the Russians have got us"
perception and mass comm - US army spots
intended messages were received, also unintended messages, perceived realism of spots depended on characteristics of the viewer
perceptions and mass comm - anti prejudice cartoons
effects of satire in reducing prejudice, mr biggot designed to appear ridiculous, study found that people tended to perceive satiric cartoons as serious and reinforcing prejudice
4 rings of defense
selective exposure
selective attention
selective perception
selective retention
cognitive structure of organized knowledge that has been abstracted from prior experiences, straight matching, processing through inferences, multiple integration, concludes people tend to store conclusions drawn from evidence rather than the evidence
dead level abstraction
communication that is restricted to one level of abstraction
high level abstraction
Communication that relies on abstract ideas such as justice, honor and freedom
low level abstraction
carries on with no general conclusion and obscures the point
undue identification
two values evaluation
black and white thinking, no middle ground
unconcious projection
lack of awareness that one's statements are statements about oneself
difficulties with language
language is static, reality dynamic
language is limited, reality unlimited
avg vocab 5k, vocab of avg novel 10k
language is abstract
allows categorical thinking, no words for unique events
propaganda devices
name calling, transfer, plain folks, band wagon, glittering generality, testimonial, card stacking
ease of comprehension of written material, provides information about the most important aspect of style influencing ease of understanding
flesch formula
readability formula that uses the avg number of words per sentence and the number of syllables per 100 words
fry graph
readability graph that has number of syllables per 100 words on one axis and avg number of sentences per 100 words on the other
dale and chall
readability formula that uses avg sentence length and percent of words that are not on the dale list of 3k easy words
cloze procedure
tendency to complete a familiar but incomplete pattern, from closure
readability applications
texts, newspapers, novels, news releases, broadcase news, corporate annual reports, documents
study has found that novels have become more readable by
having fewer words per sentence
having fewer long words
having less rare punctuation
having more informality and contractions