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Arrimar el hombro
to lend a hand
no dar abasto
to be stretched thin
ser un burro de carga
a hardworker and cant relate to others
estar mosqueado
to be suspicious
romperse los cuernos
to work strongly and long
manos a la obra!
to begin working on something
trabajo de chinos
work with many details
comer la sopa boba
to eat without working
no dar golpe
to not do anything when you should
no dar un palo al agua
to do nothing when you should be doing something
quedarse de brazos cruzados
to do nothing
vivir del cuento
to live with without working
hacerse el sueco
to pretend no to understand or hear
estar en chino
to be intelligible
to push up your sleeves
despedirse a la francesa
to not say goodbyeq
echar chispas
to get so mad you lose control
estar de morros
to get so mad you loose patience
estar que arde
to get so mad you lose control of situation
hinchárselo a alguien las narices
to get so mad you lose patience
estar de malas pulgas
to be so mad you go into seclusion
perder los estribos
to lose control
sacar a uno de quicio
to be mad
tener cara de pocos amigos
to be mad
poner a uno los nervios de punta
to lose patience being mad
poner a uno negro
to irritate someone
estar de jurga
to be at a party
ser uña y carne
to be together all the time
ser el colmo
to be something intollerable
estar hasta la coronilla
to be on the last hair
estar orgulloso de
to feel proud
ser un alma de Dios
to be very good
ser pala pieza
to be bad
ser de armas tomar
to have a very strong personaliy
estar a punto de
to be about to do something