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Should intravenous contrast be used in the routine diagnosis of marrow disorders?
No may camouflage lesions by giving them signal characteristics similar to fatty marrow on T1W images, unless fat supression is used.
Name the 3 components of bone marrow.
Trabecular bone, red marrow, and yellow marrow
2 functions of trabecular bone?
Architectural support for red and yellow marrow
Mineral depot
Function of red marrow?
Produces red cells, white cells, platelets
Function of yellow marrow?
? Surface/nutritional support for red marrow
Which is the hematopoietically active fraction of marrow that produces blood cells?
Red marrow
Which is hematopoietically inactive and composed mainly of fat cells?
Yellow marrow
Of the 3 elements of bone marrow, which increases with age?
yellow marrow fraction increases with age as trabecular bone resorbs from osteoporosis and fat fills in the spaces created
T/F. Amount/distribution of red marrow varies from person to person, but not from side to side in the same person
What is a normal variation of red marrow seen in the subchondral region of proximal epiphyses of humeri and femora?
Persistent curvilinear, subchondral red marrow
What is the signal relationships of red marrow and muscle/intervertebral discs?
Red marrow > muscle/intervertebral discs in signal intensity because of significant number of fat cells
Five broad categories of marrow disease are:
Marrow proliferative, marrow replacement, marrow depletion, vascular abnormalities, misc. marrow diseases
If red marrow hyperplasia is massive, the signal intensity is abnormal and ____ or even ___ signal than muscle and disk on T1W images b/c of near complete replacement of all fatty elemetns on marrow.
Isointense, lower
What is the most common cause of marrow reconversion seen on MRI?
obese women smokers
Sickle cell anemia produces what MRI configuration?
Osteonecrosis superimposed on diffuse marrow abnormalities