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Anna Quindlen
The Birth Mark
Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Story of an Hour
Kate Chopin
The Storm
Kate Chopin
Wife Wooing
John Updike
A Marriage
Robert Creeley
Married Love
Liz Rosenberg
A Doll’s House
Henrik Ibsen
Married Characters
Boy and girl kissing in doorway
Wife married but not admitting marriage
Husband in a sport jacket
Friend nudging wife in hospital
The Birth-mark Characters
Georgiana is pretty wife with birth-mark on cheek
Aylmer is husband and scientist who kills wife while trying to remove birth-mark
Aminadib is lab assistant
The Story of an Hour Characters
Mrs. Louise Mallard is wife who has heart troubles. She hears the news about husband’s death and then dies later
Brently Mallard is the husband that is supposedly killed in a train accident.
Josephine is the sister to Mrs. Louise Mallard
Richards is a friend of the husband.
The Storm Characters
Bobinot husband
Bibi 4 year old son
Calixta is the wife
Sylvie is the maid
Alcee Laballiere is secret lover to Calixta
Clarisse is wife of Alcee
Wife Wooing Characters
Wife reads about Richard Nixon and tends to the children
Husband dreams of wife’s thighs
A Marriage Characters
Husband is reciting the poem about retainers
Married Love Characters
Married wife is reciting the poem lust and marriage
Husband is in bed
A Doll’s House Characters
Torvald Helmer husband bank manager lawyer
Nora his wife borrowed money for Italian vacation.
Dr Rank friend of family terminally ill
Mrs. Linde Old friend of both family and Krogstad
Nils Krogstad trying to black mail Nora about forgery for vacation money
The Helmers three small children
Anne-Marie the family nurse
Helen the family maid
A porter